About Us

    Elite Crete Systems, Inc. is a world leading developer and manufacturer of specialty high-performance flooring products for:

• Decorative/Architectural Concrete Systems and Finishes
• Concrete Surface Repair and Protection
• Custom/Seamless Fluid Applied Commercial Flooring
• Industrial High-Wear Protective Floor Coatings

     We provide versatile applications for commercial flooring, residential flooring and industrial flooring. Some examples include the following: retail, hospitality, educational, office buildings,hotels, shopping malls, auto dealerships and restaurants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, airplane hangars, service bays, food service/manufacturing facilities, cold storage areas, chemical containment areas, parking decks, medical/veterinarian, municipal buildings, pool decks and a multitude of residential use.

     As one of the largest and well known specialty concrete floor manufacturers, we are proud to boast over 100 specification and technical support offices and more than 8,000 trained professionals worldwide to assist architects, project managers, facility managers and property owners with projects.

    Elite Crete Systems brand is driven to provide solutions, performance and ignite the imagination of architects and property owners. Building on its legacy of innovative, market-leading cement and resinous technology, the company manufactures and distributes high performance concrete flooring surfaces and finishes for a multitude of uses. The essence of the brand is communicated through thousands of professional contractors who depend on Elite Crete Systems products to provide them with the very best while they redefine what is possible.

In 2017 Elite Crete Systems officially open a european brand in Poland.

For more detailed information about products and systems please check out our HQ site www.elitecrete.com

Interior Applications

Goodbye tile, wood, and carpet. Custom Interior Flooring.

     New home construction hasn’t bounced back yet but homeowners are still investing money on home improvements. More and more property owners are learning about the tremendous advantages that flooring systems from Elite Crete Systems brings to their home compared to conventional flooring coverings.

    Image a floor that is so durable it can withstand vehicular traffic. A floor that doesn’t stain like tile grout or carpeting. A floor that doesn’t easily scratch like hardwood. Those are just a few benefits that our flooring systems bring to your home.

    Concrete flooring options are endless. Choose from different patterns, textures, colors, designs and more.

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Industrial floors

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer Industrial floors.

Hermetic Neat

Is a high build, self leveling, clear or pigmented resinous flooring system engineered for industrial applications.

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Hermetic Paramount

Is a high build, self leveling, resinous slurry flooring system engineered for industrial applications. Available in either solid pigment or colored quartz.

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Hermetic Quartz

Is a high build, double broadcast system using colored quartz aggregate and sealed with a protective top coat.

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Exterior Applications

Decorative concrete. Unique patterns, colors and textures.

    When unsightly, old and damaged concrete is no longer acceptable the option for concrete resurfacing should be your top choice. Concrete floors over time will often develop cracks, show surface spalling, stain, and begin to deteriorate.

    Typically the structural concrete slab will be fine but its surface is in need of repair and concrete resurfacing. Elite Crete Systems has been leading the concrete resurfacing industry for decades and has a wide variety of products and systems to choose from.

     Elite Crete Systems can provide you with beautiful decorative concrete that can complement your home’s exterior.Concrete flooring options are endless. Choose from different patterns, textures, colors, designs and more. Elite Crete Systems has been providing property owners with unique and beautifully design residential flooring for years.

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